Ms. Pizzolato, Mattapoisett Public Library:  "Another wonderful accomplishment!  The purpose of the memoir  - to inform and inspire young actors - is very generous.  You truly found a way to have a life in the theater that was enriching, expansive, and sustainable.  I hope your readers take your message to heart."

Heather: " I love your book. 

What an exciting life you have lived!"

Jim Tuggle: "A beautiful memoir - all the pitfalls, disappointments, and sacrifices along the journey are clearly charted.  The ability to pull strong emotions, to take one to another time or another land, to place the shoe on another's foot, to exhaust fears, to lift up - to do all these things is a most worthy cause.  And you, with your skills and vision, have done all this.

Kenneth Stack, Senior Faculty, Husson University: "Your book is lively, compelling and deep! The chapters on Greece are fascinating.  You really captured your voice in the book.  Forceful, dedicated, direct and passionate.  Good work!"

Ms. Sondgeratle: "I kept wanting to see where your next "stop" was.  The people in your life come alive and I felt I began to know them.  It was a pleasure to hear your personal account of your journey from Texas to all the different stages in your life  - inluding West Caost, East Coast, Greece and Canada."

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